Can CharacterController colliders be rotated?

Is it possible to rotate the collision shape of the CharacterController? Changing the rotation or the up direction doesn’t affect the orientation of the collision capsule.

Above, the CharcaterController actor itself is rotated, not the mesh, but the collision shape is still upright.

That’s a limitation of PhysX library we use for physics simulation. You can use Up Direction to control movement for the capsule.

More detailed docs: Character Controllers — physx 5.1.0 documentation

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I see. I guess nothing can be done, then.

With that part out of the way…

What I’ve been doing is having a zero length controller.
This gives me a sphere at that level.
Then I’ve been playing with tracking trigger colliders to boneSockets for onCollision notifications.
I’ll admit I’m not diving in deep in this area but have tinkered a little with trying to handle a mock custom event.
Maybe that will spark something of interest.

edit: words are not my strong point but thought it may be important to clarify that my attempts with this thought are focused towards upper body aspects only.