CharacterControllerPro Update! Documentation and Bug Fixes!

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After going a while without any changes, CharacterControllerPro has been updated! It mostly fixes some bugs while also changing the API to be more variable based, so as to be more consistent with the Flax Engine C# API.

But the big new change is that CharacterControllerPro now has complete documentation! It’s extremely important for developers to have a reference they can turn to when using someone else’s code, and CharacterControllerPro finally has one! The documentation can be downloaded from the CharacterControllerPro GitHub repository or by clicking here.

I hope this helps you guys out! I’m definitely not a writer, so this was quite a bit of work to make. To read more about CharacterControllerPro, check out this forum post.

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Nice work , I love the fact that you added animations

Thanks. I think so too. Credit goes to

But the animation is not available in the project

You can get the character and animations from It took me a very short amount of time to set them up in Flax.