Free and Open Source Character Controller Pro for Flax Engine!

One thing Flax Engine lacks is a built-in functioning character controller, with movement, gravity, jumping, etc. That’s where this asset comes in! CharacterControllerPro takes the built-in CharacterController class and gives it game-ready movement code! Here are some features:

  • Full acceleration, friction, and speed system
  • Multi-height jumps and gravity
  • Movement and rotation of character mesh
  • Built-in camera controller with collision
  • Modular and customizable
  • Easy to use
  • Input example
  • Example scene ready to go!

  • Smooth and responsive controls!



  • Fully customizable via the Properties window!

CharacterControllerPro is available under the MIT license! That means it’s free to use in all your projects! When the Flax Store gets launched, this will be a free asset available on it. I hope you enjoy this character controller!


Nice but I think it will be better with animations

It’s not supposed to have animations. You’re supposed to add that yourself. If I added an animations system, that would make this controller less modular. If you want animations, you can add an Animated Model as a child of the CharcaterControllerPro.

Ya, I know it would have just been a better asset with animations :grinning:

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I agree, I think it would be better with animations. Maybe someone will use it in their game and add an actual character to it.

Fixed. CharacterControllerPro Update! Documentation and Bug Fixes!