Converting prefab (or model) to a .flax asset file and import dynamically in runtime

I assumed that .flax file is some kind of binary packaging and allowed to be imported and used in runtime by code, like asset bundle or addressibles in Unity.

var item = Content.Load<Asset>(Path.Combine(Globals.ProjectContentFolder, "Data.flax"));
// using item as an actor

Documentations are highly fragmented, so it was my presumption from the many stubs in pages.

.flax file can be loaded by code in runtime, and created only running inside the editor. Editor API can also import raw media files into project (but cannot assign its imported format).
Prefab can be made by drag-drop like Unity, but only creating .prefab file format is shown in example, and only spawning already imported is shown.

I thought ‘Creating Prefab’ → ‘Exporting .prefab file into .flax file’ → ‘Importing .flax file in external path(not inside Cooked project) in runtime, by code’ → ‘Read imported .flax asset as an actor’ → ‘Use loaded actor i.e. spawning by code or something’ could be possible, but digging more deeper leads me to much more obstacles, like Content.CreateVirtualAsset() returns an Asset object, which is not compatible with the Actor object acquired from Scene.FindActor() or something, and Save() method is only mentioned in RawDataAsset type only, not its parents.

Is exporting ‘Content’ resources into .flax unavailable, by design? Is importing ‘Actor-loadable’ resources outside of .flaxpac(Cooked Output Result) in runtime code for use inherently impossible (except of ‘reading all the bytes from the raw binary and reconstruct resource from the zero’ kind of brute force)?

If there is possible way to utilize ‘bundling actor’ like thing, The sample/example is highly needed.

Engine doesn’t ship with importing utilities inside cooked game. You could build the game as an Editor with custom windowing to do that or use custom engine fork that includes ModelTool/TextureTool code modules inside GameTarget so model files can be processed into asset format (

We plan to add DLC support that would allow to properly load additional game content (modding/dlcs). Roadmap task: Trello