Create Multiple Windows


How do I create a second window and run another scene on it?

I was able to create a second window with the following code but the contents are just grey:
The Label I created isn’t visible and I would expect the background to be black instead of grey.

I can’t work out how to use the window I’ve created.
(I note that the window has a property called GUI, but I can’t imagine how I’d add a scene to the window)

                FlaxEngine.CreateWindowSettings settings = new CreateWindowSettings();
                settings.IsRegularWindow = true;
                settings.Title = "Second Window";
                settings.HasBorder = true;
                settings.Position = Float2.Zero;
                settings.Size = Platform.DesktopSize;
                settings.AllowDragAndDrop = false;

                this.window = FlaxEngine.Platform.CreateWindow(ref settings);

                this.window.GUI.Size = this.window.Size;

                var box = this.window.GUI.AddChild<Label>();
                box.Text = "Hello World";
                box.Size = new Float2(100, 40);


I struggle to follow the flow of execution in the C++ source code on Github, it took me a while just to get a window appearing.
I’m a C# guy so I greatly appreciate engine expertise.

Thank you.

Simply use CreateWindowSettings.Default to initialize the window settings to make it work:

var settings = CreateWindowSettings.Default;
settings.IsRegularWindow = true;
settings.Title = "Second Window";