Depth based blending issue

Hello there,

I have the most experience with Unreal, but I gotta say Flax is really impressive! I have seen a couple of oddnessess so far and I’m not sure if these are bugs are differences in workflow. So here’s the first one.

I’m simply trying to blend a texture with itself that has a different scaling to break up tiling. I’m assuming that “Depth” is the equivalent of Unreals “PixelDepth”. But this seems to screw up the UVs. I also tried using “World Position” minus “Camera Position”, but the result is the same.

Is this a bug or is there a trick?

Thank you

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Depth works fine, but to make this work you should blend between texture samples, not the coordinates as shown here:

Also, if you add Power of 10 before saturating the depth weight you can have a more harsh transition.

Wow, I must have been asleep while doing that. You are of course right :sweat_smile: Apologies.