HDRReflection from EnvProbe

It seems cubemap reflection captured from Environment Probe are not in HDR, is there a way to capture HDR Reflection Cubemap using EnvProbe?

Note : i’m on 1.3 stable release

Actually, we’re working on some features for Env Probes in this update: custom resolution, realtime, with-gi, so I can add an option to enable HDR env probes to boost the quality.

HDR Env Probes just landed on master: Add HDR env probes support · FlaxEngine/FlaxEngine@0af86d8 · GitHub

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Bit off topic, but i cannot download master branch from the launcher. How to install master branch editor from the launcher?

You can download it manually from here. All you have to do is unzip the file in a new subfolder (You can name it Flax_1.4) in the launcher folder.

I wouldn’t recommend using it though. It is safer to work with the stable version.

Well of course i won’t using it for actual development version, just want to test the new features :grin:
Thanks, i’ll try download from there