How about supporting SDF-based Text rendering / Decals in world space(TextRender etc)?

According to document, Flax uses Freetype to draw text - and text quality is good in screen space UI canvas with 1x scale & proper font size setup.

But in case of World Space object (i.e. TextRender) it is unable to set unlimited resolution for render texture so there appears antialiasing wobble when close-up.

There is practical limit in font size-up for every render, so generally considered ‘elegant’ solution is using Signed Distance Fields.

SDF Text rendering is almost de facto in Unity’s UI(TextMeshPro) and SDF texture technique can be also be used to make clear decals…

I think at least providing SDF-based text rendering as an ‘High Quality’ option in future version can make Engine demos much visually appealing. Currently jagged fonts on ‘wall panels’ are the first LQ thing noticed in graphics demo.

So I’d like to propose cautiously, to add SDF texture rendering features (text/decals) in future feature candidate list.


Yeah, I believe this can also help with the editor’s “Interface Scale” option causing blurry text.