How can I improve this shadow cascade transition?

Even thought I put CMS blending and ULTRA settings, it does not seem to blend so well, the directional light has 2 cascades, it is the sun , shadow range is 10,000 units (about 100 meters). Is there a way to have shadow using trilinear or any idea how to improve that abrupt change so close to the camera ?

Both shadows quality and shadow maps quality affects this. I would use 4 cascades to cover larger portion of the level. But we need to expose cascade shadow splits to be configurable + blending distance adjust parameter. I’ll put it on a roadmap.

Indeed, it seems to works better up to 5,000 shadow distance with the current blending setting, when I set 10,000 then it does not look good at all, and curiously cascade 4 looks even worse, at minimum I would suggest to take in account the shadow range to calculate a more visually pleasant blending range, ideally shadows on static objects from static lights should be on a lightmap so this problem will not be an issue anymore maybe you could allocate 1 channel on your lightmap texture for shadows, right now FLAX does rely exclusively on realtime shadows which has a high performance cost on low powered devices or mobile.