How to draw a mesh without in playmode

Is there a way to draw a mesh right in editor without entering playmode?
Maybe I put this in it:

var aircraftModel = new StaticModel
                Model = model,
                Parent = Actor,
                StaticFlags = StaticFlags.None

I need this for my productivity purposes in the engine.
So guys, is there a way?

There’s probably a way to do it, but I’m not experienced in creating custom meshes for editor purposes. You can create editor-only debug gizmos and shapes pretty easily, though.

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Okay, I decided for using DrawActor. I think it’s closest thing for what I want. But what should I now do with IntPtr? Am I supposed to put directory path or name?

Huh, finally used an alternative way to do the job guys!
Here’s what I did:

It might not be a recommended way but I think it’s the best for me now.

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