How to dynamically create a skinedmodel via c#?

how to dynamically create a skinedmodel via c#?

What is the need?Loool

I think using prefab of skinned and instantiate on scene after instantiate you can modify parent and child with c#. I understand you problem but the difference between unity and flax is unity can attach any property in one game object and flax is one actor one behavior bc that u can’t add multiple behavior except script’s but i think using prefab is well coz one actor one function will working better,i don’t know how instantiate skinned on empty actor coz i told empty actor can’t add components like camera or whatever, empty actor can’t be/have skinned or camera component attached in

I mean instantiate skinned model as prefab and modify property on runtime using c#. this is more easy and standard way for use flax. I hope that my talk help you.

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