Icons for actors/scene heirarchy

Is there plans on adding some icons for each of the actors/items in the scene hierarchy? I’ve looked around the trello board and don’t see anything about this. I think it would make it easier to navigate and see what’s going on in the scene hierarchy, personally. I can possibly also whip up some basic icons for this.

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You can spawn Sprite Render as editor-only subobject for your actor type so it has visual representation (Sprite Render | Flax Documentation) or even better would be to create own ActorNodeWithIcon (https://github.com/FlaxEngine/FlaxEngine/blob/master/Source/Editor/SceneGraph/ActorNodeWithIcon.cs) as Editor extension to have custom icon for actor which is selectable.

I’ll add task to write short tutorial about it for the upcoming 1.5 update (soon).

I think I may not have explained this the best, but I more-so meant this, where there’s an icon that would go in between the drop down arrow and the name of the actor. Personally I find it easier to tell what I’m looking at and what’s in the scene and easier to find what you’re looking for. Especially when working with prefabs, they can get a bit cluster-sum, even with good naming conventions.

Maybe we could have custom icon support as well? This could be very good for when someone makes a system they would like to share (like plugins or in the near future, something that is sold on the store).

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Even though some of those icons aren’t great, I still find that to be way more legible as well.

Yea, I found some random icons online for a basic example haha

No problem. I was just commenting on how much more readable it makes the UI look, even with basic icons. :+1:

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I added some features and sample code how to add icon to the custom actor type (for upcoming 1.5 update):