I'm new (Coming from Unity & Godot)

Used Unity more than 5 years, tired of ditching in Godot code source to make it horribly fit needs, I never knew about this engine sounds knew, I’m supper excited :smiley:

Hello and welcome! Feel free to ask us everything! You can come and join us on Discord too.

We have some starter docs for people switching engines to make first steps easier:

can we use the Unity assets on flax ?

You can use free assets, but not paid ones, but i would still contact unity and ask, or just shoot off a e-mail to the asset developer.

Using assets from Unity project once you’ve bought them is legal to export into another engines. The same applies to content from Unreal Marketplace - with an exclusion for content made by Epic). We’ve used some content packs from Unity and Unreal stores in our Flax Features showcase video - exported manually and recreated in Flax. For models and textures it works pretty good. Materials and scenes has to be redone by hand.