Is skylight essential?

If I add a spot or area light to a scene they can be moved and the light moves with them, as expected. If you disable the skylight, however, the lights no longer behave properly. Is this the expected behaviour?

Could you post a steps to reproduce this problem? I verified and skylight can be easily toggles with Is Active property. It’s meant to affect global scene but has radius optionally to have local sky.

Repro is pretty much as described above. Open any scene (basic scene will do) and add a spotlight or point light. If you move either of the lights, the “light” follows (i.e. shines in the new location). Disable the skylight and do the same thing again. In this case, the light transform moves, but the lit area remains as it was before.

Ah that’s because skylight has no directionality -> applies the light like it was faked from the skybox.