Is there a default PostFXVolume setting?

Because their seems to be alot of bloom and lens flare going on when I created my project from a blank default template. I solved this problem by creating a PostFXVolume and disabling bloom and changing eye adaptation mode to none.

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If I understood correctly, you are asking if there is a way to set a default PostFX Volume with your custom settings.

There is no current way to do this, but what you could do is create a PostFX Volume that has the settings you desire and turn it into a prefab, so that every time you make a new scene, you can just drag your PostFX Volume right in. More information on PostFX Volumes and Prefabs:

No. There seems to be Post Processing applied to my project that I created with a blank template. And for me to disable what looks to be Bloom and Eye Adaptation. I have to create an actual PostVXVolume and turn it off.

Yes, there are default settings applied, but there is no way to change those default settings.

Seems a lot like Unreal Engine to me.

Yeah, it’s just like UE4! :smiley:
But at least I can go into the settings and turn them off.

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Maybe submit a feature request for the same thing to be added in Flax?

Just downloaded it yesterday. So i’m just trying out the engine. Well so far. I’m impressed!!

It’s a very unique engine, that’s for sure! I’ve had it for a while, and I’ve made 2 games with it. It’s a pleasure to work with.