Mesh collider does not collide [1.7]

Opened a new project, added next to cube a cone and added (mesh)collider → not working on rigidbody.
Same with sphere and added sphere colider → working on rigidbody.

Wetransfer demo project

A couple of things to check. Did you create a mesh collision asset? an asset needs to be created from the mesh. you can right click on the mesh to create this asset. I also recommend in the asset making sure that it is set to convex mesh instead of triangle mesh as PhyX has some limitations there.

Yes. it is saved and assigned, it shows in inspector. I did everything as in tutorials. Also offsets, (transform 0,0,0) are correct. Check the project if you like.

Try it yourself, create a new project (basic). Next to the blue cube, create a Cone and do right click on it and → Add collider. Now create a rigid body and make model and collider child of rigidbody. So unparant the child from The model and assign it to rigidbody. Just exactly as the cube is designed.
Interestingly, it works with non-mesh colliders.

Make sure to set the collision data to “Convex”:

And then cook it again. I don’t remember right now, but for some reason “triangle mesh” won’t collide and i’m not sure if it’s a bug or intended behavior. But this needs to be reflected in the docs.

Ok thanks.