Minimum requirements for DDGI?

Hi everybody.
I’ve carefully read the online manual and other sources, but I can’t wrap my head around the creation of usable SDF fo DDGI in Flax engine with my home PC.

According to this blog post:

the line that says "Software Ray Tracing solution that runs on all modern GPUs ".
Maybe that’s the problem. I’ve got a fairly old Geforce GTX 650 Ti that means just 2GB VRAM (and of course no Rtx).
Is this card out of the game?

Is there a minimum requirement specs for DDGI in Flax?
And what about lighmapping? Is it done on Gpu? Any limitations?

DDGI will run in lower resolution (if adjusted in settings) even on integrated Intel GPU (tested on my old Laptop). The demo showcased here is high-end and was supposed to impress with quality rather than showcase the performance (although the upcoming FLax 1.5 will give much more perf on CPU side so this demo should get +10 FPS in most cases).

Flax has a GPU-based lightmap baking tool (in Editor) which requires Computer shaders (DX11/DX12/Vulkan) but the result lightmap textures can be used on all platforms (including mobile).

Thx for answering.
Lower resolution in settings means lower pixel resolution or is it about the quality settings?

Just for the sake of checking out… this is a dead simple scene I put together to test DDGI.
I can’t see any GI, neither anything that looks correct in “Global SDF” debug view.
And I cannot even bake lightmaps (i.e. the command is grayed out in “Tool” menu).
Am I doing something wrong?

These are my GPU specs:

My PC Specs
  • Intel Core i7 10750H
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q

From a quick Google search, your drivers appear to be outdated. Might be time to update them.

The provided scene works as expected for me, and I have the option to bake lightmaps, so your project is not set up incorrectly.

Lightmaps baking is supported with GPU that: Has Compute Shaders, Supports 2D Textures of size 8k or higher and has more than 2GB of Graphics Memory - due to computational complexity of the algorithm used for this.

Oh that’s it!

Thanks for testing.
Drivers should be the latest from Nvidia site, I updated them a few days ago …probably it’s just the card that is outdated.

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