Motion Blur Issue with Close, Fixed Objects

I looked through the questions asked in the forum, but I couldn’t find anything like this anywhere. The video below shows the issue, which is basically very noticeable with close, fixed objects.

Is there currently a tricky solution for this, or will there be an alternative solution in the future?

I think I have found a partial solution, which largely alleviates the blurring, but this does not ensure the complete elimination of ghosting behind certain surfaces in all lighting situations. The point is that the “Static Flags” value of the fixed object cannot be “Fully Static”. It must be set to “None” or manually enable everything except Transform. I don’t really know the underlying cause of this phenomenon, maybe the developer can fix it in a later version so that we can give a perfect exception to some objects to be free from blur. On the other hand, you can completely eliminate the pixel artefact by setting the “Motion Vector Resolution” value to Full and increasing the “Sample Count” value until it becomes almost completely imperceptible. It is also worth setting the “Scale” to a smaller value, say between 0.25 and 0.5. It is worth reducing until the Motion Blur is still noticeable, but not so high that it generates too strong ghosting. So, looking at the sky, there are no artifacts or blurring, but if my object is hit by light in a certain way while it moves behind another object, the degree of ghosting changes depending on the situation, although now the phenomenon is less disturbing, since the original shape of the object can be identified stays. Perhaps this test presents a fairly bare situation, and in a game where many different colors and textures are mixed densely, ghosting might not be so noticeable.