Shaking rigid bodys


just tested that GitHub - Tryibion/FlaxPerformanceTest

can someone explain why even after 1min - rbodys on ground are shaking? how to fix it?

How many rigidbodies were there? What FPS did you get? I fphysics simulation goes under 30fps and there is lots of dynamic objects it might be unstable - we use PhysX 5.

1500 or 5000 - no difference. those shaking rigid bodys- its really looks strange

Hey some ways to reducing the shaking is to increase the linear damping on the rigidbody, enable substepping, and changing the solver type to Temporal Gauss Seidel Solver (which is better for large amounts of rigidbodies but will only be available for 1.7). All of these will increase how the physics look but will also increase cpu utilization, so keep that in mind. infact doing some of that is so good that my towers dont even fall down :slight_smile: .