[SOLVED] Rendering problem on samples. Everything pitch black

I just install Flax and run the samples, but it doesn’t seem to render normally, everything is pitch black.
Is it normal ? I guess I may need to update DirectX, Vulkan or OpenGL, I don’t know which one Flax use.

Take a look for yourself, did anyone got this issue too ?

Physics Feature Tour :

Basic Template :



OK, I just update my drivers, and the color are back. If somebody got the same issue, you know what to do :wink:



Its happened with me too but only for first 5 or 6 time then slowly get the color back and now everything works perfectly. :grin: :wink:

Thanks for sharing this. We’ve got the similar issue on some older integrated Intel GPUs that take lots of time to compile shaders or sometimes fail. Probably in the next update 1.2 it will work better (release later this month).