Strange graphic glitch every 10 seconds

Testing the rendering and materials, I am having a strange glitch every 10 seconds, some shadows or graphics seems to disappear for some frames, in the video, it starts around 2-3s then every 10s, any idea what this could be? I am not using anything special rendering code, I am on PC W10, rtx3060 12gb.

Looks like kind of shadow-map flickering.

This happens if the shadow map (or any other map in the render pipeline) is drawn on screen before it has finished calculations. Never experienced this myself with test projects but if you stack a lot of graphic features, Flax explicitely wants you to micromanage the position of more elaborate stuff in the render pipeline:


But it’s just a guess. Flax is also not optimized for “unclean” assets as mentioned in a lot of other posts before. Unity and Unreal have massive developement ressources for just catch all of the quirks and problems that come with model formats.

In that case the geometry is simply a sphere from flax and a table fbx that I imported with a flat polygon surface, also, it does not depend of the camera orientation which should influence rendering time, it does happen regardless the camera position and at a stable regular interval of 10 seconds exactly which seems pretty peculiar to me…if a shadow-map is used before being fully rendered then it seems a core engine problem, I will try to see if I can isolate more the problem by removing some geometries.

Ok I removed all the room geometries and put a cube as a plane and I still get it, however I found out that i have this glitch only if I game cooked in release mode, if I use “development” mode it does not show up, any suggestions?