Switching From Unity to Flax

Hello Falx Community !
I am planning to switch from Unity to Flax. And I think so, Flax has the best chance now because of what Unity have done to developers. I am one of those who is working as full time Unity Developer. But Flax is in my eyes is like Lightweight Unreal 4. I really like it and I will suggest flax team to take some actions and promote their Engine on social media. Thanks Guys. A new Flax Developer.


New flax dev here too, just made the switched from Unity,
let’s see how the project conversion goes, I have a lot of work to do.


I’m checking out Flax for the same purpose. Moving from Unity. On the surface it looks like it will be a great choice but I need to play around with it first.


I am also going through same experience!


have any of you managed to export to android?
i’m trying but:
[Error] Failed to build Gradle project into package (result code: 1)
And there is just 1 guy on all the internet with this error and the info is not helping me either

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Try yourself. I am very new here. You will learn more and be successful. This is lead you learn much more than just doing in few minutes.

Check this result code: 1 on Android studio forums. And first of all. Follow the docuentation of Flax and create an empty project then build and run on your Android test device. If their Android Tutorial not working it means you missing some libraries or something like that. Also Properly integrate Compatible Gradle version with Flax.

i already did that, i installed everything, i set the enviroments, everything, but the problem is with java:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unsupported class file major version 64

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Check Android Studio Forums with same error.

is not working man, in fact, i think is an engine’s bug or something like that, i’m doing everything right, every solution from internet, i’m double checking everything, it does not work, i’m a 3d artist i’m not the kind of guy for this, i already spend more than 4 hours on this with my brother, is not worth it, sadly because i think i have to go with godot and i do not like godot at all. BTW Thank you

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Man Godot is waste of time. Performance on 3D Side is so bad even with GTX 1660 or RTX 3050. Stick with this engine and contact developers.

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Actually I am busy testing UNIGINE 2.17. Thats also a great engine and its graphics are great. Performance is just awesome with these huge stunning models and graphics. I am impressed. Same Flax provides but Flax supports Android IOS and many other platforms. So, I will suggest you should use Flax.

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i’m also using Unigine for time now, for my future project.
I wanted to use flax for my main project which is a mobile game… Unigine is a beast, far superior than unity in tech, graphics and tools (i would say a mix between unity and unreal)
I guess i will try stride 3d for my mobile game

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Well good and have fun. But I think Stride is not a good choice when it comes to continuous development. its latest release came back in 2022. and we almost entering in 4th quarter of 2023. So, Flax have more releases and fixes since 2022 and its getting better and better. Stride is a big deal when it comes to free to use. So, you will have to pay nothing because its free.

You guys rained in here like a flood.
The regulars would have felt that shift this last two days.
Big Welcome to all the new comers.


another big problem is that this is a 3 guys thread xD the community is too small for guys with small/mid experience and that is important. I’m 100% sure that if a create a thread on godot’s forum talking about my problem i would have an instant solution, that is important…

Edit: that being said, you are right about the updates and that is also an important factor, in fact, stride’s discord does not looks like an game dev discord, more like a demos discord

thank you!
I’m just watching for now haha

As a 3d artist you should probably have a developer set this up for you or use a more artist friendly engine if you’re hoping to export to android. Your version of java is out of data, go download the newest version of JDK and you should be fine.


Actually Flax is very small compare to other game engines and very fast when you work with it. Rather than like Unity which takes minutes to just create project. So, it is getting better and I hope very soon community will be growing. As @Zaya6 said you should installed new JDK. I have tried many engines and Flax is very underrated, its a great engine and I think it will replace Unity very soon.

  1. test your android sdk licenses accepted or not on windows
    C:\Users[your user account]\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\cmdline-tools\latest\bin>sdkmanager --licenses
  2. from flax doc
    Verify that environment variables are properly set:
  • On Windows: echo %ANDROID_HOME%, echo %JAVA_HOME%