Terrain World-Align Material Function for automatic Terrain Materials

So, I couldn’t find a node in the Material editor that does something similar to UE’s WorldAlignBlend node, which is what is used to create Landscape Materials in UE that automatically choose layers based on how steep the terrain is. One example is having the material put a rock texture on cliffs and a grass texture on the ground.

So, I looked at UE5’s WorldAlignBlend Material Function and made it in Flax Engine as a Material Function. Here’s the node setup:

I know quite a few of you Flax Engine users love to use its powerful terrain tools to make great environments, so this should speed up your workflow quite a bit.

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I’ve got a quick question what is the best way to learn shaders, I see people create a lot of advanced effect with materials in unreal and I have no idea on what they are doing, since you can prepare this I guess you’re good at, so what is the best way to learn about shaders

I don’t know shaders that well. I just made this one based off of the one from Unreal Engine. I would say by starting woth tutorials, then experimenting with your own shaders. The Blender shader editor is excellent for this, since it’s very easy to use.