The Sun Lamp Makes Unlit Materials Glow In The Dark

I have a problem with my materials glowing when no light is on them. I found the message attributing this to bloom, but I believe I have all the bloom effects disabled. I did find that if I deactivate the sun lamp, this solves the problem, but if the sun lamp is active, even with all of the colors turned to black, the materials still glow. I almost like it, but I’d like to do it on purpose.

Disabling auto-exposure usually fixes the issue for me. If there are not enough bright objects in the scene, auto-exposure will make them all bright. :laughing:

Oh, truly. I went after that first. I learned with shutting off bloom that sometimes you just have to take the same steps over and over until you get a different outcome. I know that’s Einstein’s definition of insanity, but Einstein never used Unity. Insanity is a game dev skill.

Anyway, I fiddled it into working. Yesterday, turning off the sun made the glow go away. Today it was turning off the sky, then zeroing out the settings, then turning it back on, then upping the setting again, then turning it off and back on. That fixed it. I saved it and I intend to never touch it again.

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Unlit materials glow in the dark because they have a brightness specified in the Emissive attribute of the material. If their brightness is 1 and everything around them is dark, then they’ll have a ton of glow. That’s the only way I can reproduce what you described. It also happens with regular lit materials. I’m using Flax 1.3.6228.