Volumetric Clouds

Opened a new topic for better visiblity in the forum. And screw 3D textures… for now. They are mandatory for high profile scalability and optimization but one can also micromanage 2D texture buffers and indexes and riddle them with bugs. (I should check out the cloud sample project in the Flax git. Looks like the 3D Textures used there are somehow working.)

The result:

Doesn’t look that bad. Runs buttery smooth in realtime but also misses the fancy stuff like scattering and shadow maps. From here on you can go wild and replicate all the effects Unreal Engine throws at you from the very beginning.


Wonderful result! Is this your personal research or opened at somewhere?
and what is that you mentioned ‘Flax git cloud sample project’? I couldn’t find something like it in Flax engine Github.

Oh that should meant to be the community projects. There is a port of Sebastian Lagues cloud implemenentation. I am familiar with his videos but only used them for rough reference or entertainment purpose. I often struggled on aspects he doesn’t even mentioned and the problems he runs into are sometimes simple logical conclusions for myself.

The clouds are a by-product of my main volumetric implementations and a sidestep on the road to more immersive smoke and explosion effects. Also to test the capabilities of FLAX and eventually cobble together a presentable game showcase making use of this effects. = )

Thank you for giving informations. I hope you to be succeeded.

Thank you!