Volumetric Lighting Flickering Stripes

Hello there, I’m a beginner and I thought I would play around with the engine a little bit, I started having this strange issue while trying to use volumetric fog where there seems to be flickering stripes in it

Here is an image because I can’t seem to find any button to upload a video, I increased the intensity of the scattering so you could see some of the effect even though it’s not really apparent, for me it looks like the fog is flickering/moving or something like that

any suggestions are appreciated:)

That’s a limitation of the algorithm that needs to do some approximations in order to run in realtime. This flickering can be reduced by adjusting the volumetric fog quality (graphics settings and graphics quality window in editor), adjusting volumetric fog temporal properties (in postfx volume settings), adjusting scene geometry (thicker walls), adjusting lights (reducing scattering scale for light).

thank you so much for responding, I changed the settings a little bit and it seems to be looking a lot better!