[Warning] Invalid wheel collider

Hello everyone!
I added wheels to the transport according to the documentation, such a message appears in the logs for all 4 wheels. And wheel collision does not work

[Warning] Invalid wheel collider fl_collider (FlaxEngine.SphereCollider; 86db9d30431739c01f27d2ba42b0928b) in vehicle WheeledVehicle (FlaxEngine.WheeledVehicle; 9542012740f90a646d217abedd87c993) attached to well_FL (FlaxEngine.AnimatedModel; d3c033c1493ee7ef5bb295804b0f6808) (wheels needs to be added as children to vehicle

As the log suggests the vehicle wheel colliders have to be attached to that car actor.

You can try using a sample car prefab from here: