What are you excited for in 1.7?

Thought I would start a thread to discuss exciting changes for the upcoming 1.7 engine work. What are you excited for? https://trello.com/c/tOuCopsL

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I am excited for behavior trees and AI work! I think that it will be a great addition to the engine to allow me to create better game characters.


Some cloth in progress:



I’m excited for the UI styling and tooling updates the most, but I’m also very happy about the foliage improvements.


Are we going to be able to “paint” various levels of hardness for the cloth?

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yeah, each cloth particle can have its own max distance to constraint its movement.


@mafiesto4 Maybe a small QoL request for 1.7?

When the drop down selector is clicked it needs to:

  • pick up the current name in there and not just the top.
  • If possible we can simply highlight a part of the existing name to get the texture in lieu of scrolling/arrow.

We do have drag and drop but the content list adds a lot of clicking since dragging across it to the Material Instance window causes the expansion of content folders. This is not bad with a small project but with a large one it adds A LOT of clicks.

Flax QoL for Texture Selection


Good idea! @Tryibion added that: Add scroll to selected asset/content item on asset picker select menu open. by Tryibion · Pull Request #1265 · FlaxEngine/FlaxEngine · GitHub


It would be good if you add actor icons to the scene hierarchy, for clarity.

This idea created by @Jar looks good :slight_smile:


This is much needed. I do think the icons could be a bit smaller or be more spaced out, however.

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I think that the text between the actors is quite crowded, the icons should not be smaller. It would be enough to add a little more space between the actors.

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will u be able to import an fbx file with multiple animations? its kind of strange to import every animation as a seperate fbx file.

You can already do that. Set the import to animation and select split object.

really? i ment importing a skinned model with animations in the file and extract them from the skinned model file. is that possible?

FYI: I pushed UI styling/tools/improvements and shadow maps atlas caching from Flax 1.7 to Flax 1.8 on a roadmap so we can release 1.7 quicker and focus on bugfixing/stability now since we have flood of new users from Unity so we need to polish some quality bits.


Personally, I would be happy to see the lightmap support for shadows, ao and direct lighting, a line renderer, Occluder/Occludee support, a HAND tool to move the whole viewport at the mouse speed and a quick way to switch views with 1 click :stuck_out_tongue: