Why are terrain textures so grainy?


So, I decided to make a terrain with some realistic textures from ambientcg.com, and I created a terrain material with those textures.

But when this material is viewed from afar, either from on the terrain or a flat plane, the material looks very, very noisy, almost like it’s being path-traced. You can’t see it well in a picture; only when the camera is moving. Temporal anti-aliasing somewhat fixes the issue, but not very well.

Here’s without TAA:

And with:

Is there a better way to fix this? The textures are all 2K.

I suspect those textures don’t have mipmaps generated. Those are auto-created for textures with size that is power of 2. Could you post a pic with one of those textures in editor window? It should display the texture dimensions, format and mip maps count.

Yeah, the textures are not a 1:1 resolution, nor are they power of 2. I guess I should grab some different ones.