Playing with terrain generation

I’ve been experimenting with terrain generation using procedural systems within the Flax editor. So far I have just been looking at automatic topology creation, with a focus on seamless integration with the existing terrain tools. I’ve got to this stage:

Which is an 8 x 7 terrain patch island (each patch is about 500 x 500m. I’ll probably have a play with terrain materials, but I do want to come back to the topology with a view to being able to easily add blended flat spots for settlements, mountain erosion and some paths / roads. I’d like to eventually release this to the community in some form, but it’s not ready for that yet.

If anyone has knowledge about flowing water systems (rivers flowing down hill into the coastal plane etc.) and is happy to share, I would be interested to hear. I have seen Emre’s work, which has been helpful, I’m just trying to think of the best way to go with water as a whole (currently just using a blue plane to visualise sea level).