Where Are The Flax Engine Templates

I have installed version 1.5 & 1.6 but there are only 2 templates - basic & blank.
Where are the others?
And there is no button to press to get them either when I go to select new projecct.

Samples and Tutorials | Flax Documentation (flaxengine.com)

Free and Open Source Character Controller Pro for Flax Engine! - Showcase - Flax Forum

CharacterContorllerPro update! New demo project and foot IK! - Showcase - Flax Forum (flaxengine.com)

LiteWater (Water Template) - Showcase - Flax Forum (flaxengine.com)

Grid projection for water [Contribution] - Showcase - Flax Forum (flaxengine.com)

HeroCrab was working with headless mode (youTube)
Currently there is a really neat volumetric discussion going on.
Fluid Simulation with Volumetric Visualization - Graphics - Flax Forum (flaxengine.com)

And then there’s stuff I’m doing
NubDevice - YouTube
Currently playing with an isometric type setup with sprite usage thing…

Your links just sh ow them being available. They are NOT available when I downloaded & installed the engine. I only have basic & blank templates.

Also here is a collection of public flax tools and projects for your games: Public Projects | Flax Documentation

I think there is no way to get those templates as project creation options. You can instead create a new project, and add the contents of the “Content” and “Source” folders in the templates to your new project, and then use that.